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  • Snorkeling on Culebra
    Snorkling at Culebra
  • Jaqueline Colby doing Kayacking Yoga
    Jacqueline doing Kayaking
  • Lunching at the Beach Bohio
    Beach Bohio
  • Jeff Rutchik Gets Juggling Lessons on the Beach
    Learning How to Juggle
  • Enjoying Margaritas on Our Wrap-Around Porch
    Enjoying Margaritas on Our Wrap-Around Porch
  • Buoniellos Enjoy Palmas Restaurants & Casino
    The Buoniellos Enjoy Palmas Restaurants and Casino
  •  The Allendes Celebrate Valentines Day
    The Allendes Celebrate Valentines Day
  • The Levskys Go Ziplining
    Levsky & Friend Going Ziplining
  • Great Place for Honeymooners
    Water Front
  • Visiting the Rain Forest
    El Yunque Rain Forest
  • Ginny and Terry Enjoying Outdoor Dining at Palmas
    Ginny & Terry
  • The Stiers
    The Stiers
  • Happy New Year Festivities
    Happy New Year
  • The Gurnys Get Ready for Another Day in Paradise
    The Gurnys
  • Relaxing After Ziplining
    Lunch After Ziplining
  • Alan’s Photo of the Caves
    The Caves
  • Anna & Lawrence Getso
    The Getsos
  • Andi & Alan Edelman at the Falls
    Edelmans at the Rain Forest
  • Enjoying Palmas del Mar’s Walking Trails While Bird Watching
    Hiking Trails & Bird Watching
  • The Stapleys
    The Stapleys
  • Taking Drumming Lessons at the Gym
    PAC's Drumming Class
  • At Old San Juan
    Visiting San Juan Port
  • Lyons on the Beach
    Lyons on the Beach
  • Father and Son enjoying the water
    Father & Son Enjoying the Water
  • Andi & Sue Chow Down
    Dining Out at Night
  • Tamara and Her Hubby
    Tamara & Hubby
  • Richardson Girls
    Richardson Girls
  • Richardson Family
    Richardson Family
  • Ed Neustadter Visits the Museum
    Ed Visits the Museum
  • Goldens Enjoying Our Beach Under a Palm Tree
    Golden's on Beach under a Tree
  • Bill on the Golf Course
    Bill Golden Playing Golf on the Water
  • David West at the Rain Forest
    David West in the Rainforest
  • The Lesters
    The Lesters
  • Larry Wilder & Fiance
    Larry Wilder and his Fiance Teresa Lancaster
  • The Gitlers
    The Gitlers
  • There’s Nothing Like a Family Reunion
    Family Reunion
  • Fun Dining Out with Ben
    Taking Ben Out to Dinner
  • The Penas and Friends on the Beach
    Pena and Friend


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