Apartments Directly on the Beach

We have two apartments in Crescent Beach overlooking the beach. One is located on the 3rd floor (CB 248) and one is on the 4th floor (CB 219). Both have fabulous views and are situated in the same section within the U-shaped complex. Each apartment can sleep 4 with the option of having an additional bed for a child in the second bedroom.

After sitting in the sun on the beach, you just might enjoy a late afternoon swim in one of our three pools at Crescent Beach, Palmas del Mar
Crescent Beach’s three pools are located right on the shoreline of Palmas del Mar
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Crescent Beach is the best location in Palmas del Mar because it is situated directly on the beach with 3 pools facing the ocean, where you can walk back and forth with ease. It is built totally of concrete, which eliminates the potential of mold and mildew. The apartments are one floor, whereas other complexes in Palmas del Mar on the ocean side have staircases. Our one floor apartments are great for children who have wet bathing suits or wet feet!

We are located on the north side of the U-shaped complex. This is preferable because you can use the wrap-around porches at any time, regardless of the weather. The south side gets direct rain on their porches, whereas our locations are protected by the shape of the buildings.

Wrap-Around Porches
Crescent Beach is known for its wrap-around porches, spanning between the master bedroom suite and the living room. Unlike most other rentals, we have pull down shades, to get a little shade outside if need be. An afternoon nap outside is delightful after tennis and lunch! Standing fans bring a cool breeze when needed during the summer months.

Wireless Internet
Our complex is equipped with wireless internet. Need to do a little work? Sit on our balcony for the best signal and view the ocean while you surf the internet! Or, bring your iPad or phone downstairs to the pool or beach. Our routers line the inside of the U-shaped complex near the pool.

Each apartment is allocated two parking spaces. So parking a golf cart and a rental car is easily accessible.

Smoking Policy, Pets, and Children
Sorry, but we don’t allow smoking or pets. But children are welcome!

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